Alto Trujillo


The Alto Trujillo Skatepark was Concrete Jungle Foundation’s first full-scale international project. Fundraised solely via individual private donations, the 150m2 skatepark was constructed on the grounds of a local school on the outskirts of Trujillo with the help of some 40 international and local volunteers. Completed in April 2017, the park and associated skatepark programme today serves the marginalized youth of the Alto Trujillo district. As of May 2018:

  • Over 160 classes and 35 open sessions have been organised for the local children as part of the Skatepark Programme
  • Over 100 children from the school have signed up and participated in the Programme
  • Some 46% of children participating in the Programme have been girls

The day-to-day management of the skatepark and provision of skate classes is now overseen by Supporting Kids in Peru (SKIP), our local partner organisation in Trujillo. SKIP relies on international volunteers to manage the park and provide the skateboard programme classes. If you’d like to work as a skatepark volunteer, please get in touch with us or SKIP. We’re always on the lookout for volunteers!

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

In line with our ecological ethos, the Alto Trujillo Skatepark was built using second-hand materials collected from local scrap yards and the streets surrounding the school. In two weeks, hundreds of old tires, worn out bricks and other discarded supplies were reinvented, thus allowing us to work with a relatively small budget of $10,000, as well as to minimise our ecological footprint. One person’s trash can indeed be turned into another person’s treasure.

Community involvement played a huge part in the project as well. In addition to our cohort of international volunteers, throughout the 4-week build the project attracted international and local volunteers alike, who showed great interest and dedication in the construction of this future communal space. The intercultural exchanges and friendships made throughout the project were a definite additional plus to all those involved.

Skateboarding Programme

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
- Nelson Mandela

Students are free to choose the Skateboarding Programme instead of regular sports as part of their physical education classes. Informed by self-determination theory, the Skateboarding Programme curriculum is led by an autonomy-supportive teaching style that effectively but unobtrusively promotes a range of life-skills inherent and relevant both in skateboarding and in the three basic psychological needs of autonomy, competence and relatedness in the social world.

The Skateboarding Programme also enlists motivated secondary students to serve as a part of a voluntary assistant teachers programme in order to encourage empowerment, engagement and the sense of ownership of the project amongst the children. As part of this programme, older students that have developed a particular enthusiasm for skateboarding and the programme have the opportunity to become a formal part of the project by signing a contract with SKIP and become an assistant teacher. Assistant teachers are trained, given real responsibilities in the day-to-day provision of classes, and take part in weekly reflection meetings with SKIP personnel.

The skatepark programme has been a major success.
As of May 2018 over 100 students have taken part in the programme, and six secondary students are currently serving as assistant teachers with SKIP.


All Concrete Jungle Foundation projects emphasize sustainability and local ownership in order to ensure that the positive impacts of our projects are provided in the long-term. As such, from the very beginning, our skateparks and associated skateboarding programmes are designed to be passed on to a local nonprofit organisation.

In Alto Trujillo, Concrete Jungle Foundation partnered with Supporting Kids in Peru (SKIP). Management of the skatepark and provision of the skateboarding classes were passed on to SKIP on the 28th of April 2017, the inaugural date of the skatepark. Some 50 complete skateboards and a supply of helmets were also donated and shipped on behalf of our partner Donate for Skate, a US-based NGO, on the same day.

In April 2018, Concrete Jungle Foundation successfully advocated for the establishment of a paid, full-time position for a SKIP Skatepark Leader. Local ripper, competent teacher and all-around wonderful human being Leyla Garboza Leon currently serves in this capacity. With the support of the Director and the teachers of the school, Leyla is now running daily classes that are part of the children’s curriculum.