Meet us

Meet us

In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.

Skateboarding holds a truly unique experience for everyone that steps on one but in essence, it’s a tool for freedom, expression and dissolving social boundaries.

Harry Gerrard and Clement Taquet, founders of the Concrete Jungle Foundation, have experienced the simple joys of riding a skateboard and it has opened their eyes to the potential benefits that skateboarding brings to young and otherwise creatively disengaged youth groups. Harry notched up over two years’ experience building similar projects, helping disadvantaged societies in Ethiopia, Rwanda, Myanmar, Palestine, Jordan and Peru. Harry and Clement are now very excited to be launching the latest project, based in Trujillo, Peru.

Inspired by skateboarding’s loving culture, Concrete Jungle Foundation was born as a non-profit making organisation whose mission is to provide the youth of impoverished communities, access to free and safe skateboarding parks, to spread that 4-wheeled love where it is most needed. Together, we will plant the positive seeds of skateboarding.

Since graduating from university in 2014, Harry has been involved with seven individual skatepark construction projects covering three of the world’s continents. With this experience he wishes to continue his passions for charity skatepark design and construction as far and a wide as possible through future projects with Concrete Jungle Foundation. Let’s spread the shred!

Web&UX designer, Clément has been practicing and spreading his love for the art of skateboarding all over the world before ending up in Lima, Peru. From teaching young kids how to skate to raising fund for concrete repairs, he strongly believes in social change through skateboarding.