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Started in April 2017, the Alto Trujillo Skatepark in northern Peru is Concrete Jungle Foundation’s first full-scale international project. Funded by individual private donations from all over the world, the 150m2 skatepark was constructed on the grounds of a local school by some 40 international and local volunteers. Our Edu-Skate programme is part of the school’s curriculum, giving students the chance to be part of the programme instead of having general physical education classes.

  • Over 250 classes and 50 open sessions have been organised for the local children as part of the Edu-Skate Programme
  • Over 100 children from the school have signed up and participated in the Programme
  • Some 46% of children participating in the Programme have been girls

The day-to-day management of the skatepark and the skateboarding classes is overseen by local and international skateboarding volunteers, as well as Espaanglisch, our local partner organisation. We’re always on the lookout for passionate individuals who want to help manage the park and programme. If you’d like to volunteer with us on the project in Trujillo, please get in touch!

Alto Trujillo Skatepark Beneficiaries


Situated on the northern coast of Peru, Trujillo is the third most populous city in the country with a population of just under one million inhabitants. It is a hot and bustling place, nestled in between sloping hills and a desert fields stretching towards the ocean. In the city center beautiful old colonial buildings glisten in the sun, and you might even catch the occasional tourist that’s wondered north off the beaten track. But on the hillside communities surrounding the city, life speaks another story. Here, in El Porvenir - or Alto (i.e. Higher) Trujillo - poverty, crime and gang violence are an everyday part of life.
In one study 65% of families surveyed reported domestic violence. (source)

Skateboarding is nothing new in Peru - It has been a part of the country’s cityscape since at least the 1980s. While originally confined to the capital Lima, today many other cities, including Trujillo, host vibrant skate communities. The most popular local spot in Trujillo is Gran Chimu, the city’s football stadium, where you can find scores of youth practising flatground skateboarding everyday. Prior to CJF’s Alto Trujillo Skatepark there was one other skatepark in the city. It’s not a bad park, but unfortunately it is monetized by the city with an entry fee, leaving the most disadvantaged youth unable to make use of it.

The Alto Trujillo Skatepark Project started when founder Clement Taquet and Harry Gerrard met while repairing a beatdown DIY spot along the coastline of Trujillo. After hearing about the dire need for recreational outlets for youth in the area, the two launched a fundraising campaign to build a skatepark for the underserved communities around the city. After weeks of searching, they were finally introduced to a school principal that was willing to have the project situated on the grounds of the school. The park was finally built by local and international volunteers over the course of four weeks in March-April 2017.

Tim (CJF Programme Director) oversaw the implementation of CJF’s first Edu-Skate Programme at the Alto Trujillo Skatepark in 2017-2018, based on his Masters thesis on the same topic. The Programme employs skateboarding, group discussion and autonomy-supportive teaching methods to stimulate internally motivated self-improvement and psychological well-being for disadvantaged youth. As a part of the school’s curriculum, children are free to choose whether to follow the Edu-Skate Programme or take regular sport classes for their physical education.


Short Documentary on Alto Trujillo Project


Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering with us!

Today, the park and Edu-Skate Programme is managed by local and international skateboarding volunteers, and Espaanglisch, our local partner organisation.

We are currently looking for volunteers for the Alto Trujillo Skatepark in Peru for the 2019-2020 programme cycle. Two positions are available: Skatepark Volunteer (minimum 1 month time commitment); and Programme Manager (minimum 6 month time commitment).

When completing the application, please do so honestly and in full. We review applications on a rolling basis, and aim to get back to you within a week. However, this is not always possible.

Good luck! And we look forward to hearing from you!

If you would like to volunteer at the Alto Trujillo Skatepark, please read more about the two positions on the following online application forms:

  • Edu-Skater Volunteer
  • Programme Manager
  • Alto Trujillo Skatepark Beneficiary

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    All Concrete Jungle Foundation projects emphasize sustainability and local ownership in order to ensure that the positive impacts of our projects are provided in the long-term. As such, from the very beginning, our skateparks and associated skateboarding programmes are designed to be conjunctly run with a local nonprofit organisation.
    Today, Concrete Jungle Foundation assure the development of Edu-Skate Programme through Espaanglisch volunteering structure and outstanding support.

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