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Together, we provide

Your gift allows youth at our skateparks to thrive!

Your donation has a direct impact on empowering children benefiting from our daily skatepark youth programmes in Peru, Jamaica and Morocco.

Life-skills classes, homework tutoring, professional development workshops, Girls Skate sessions, Get-on-Board programme – all to support underserved youth in their journey through life.

You are the reason this is possible.

This campaign goal will allow the charity to run a full 4-month season of youth programmes for our 315 weekly beneficiaries, across all three project locations.

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Focus Jamaica Kayla Wheeler tecaching the Edu-Skate programme in Jamaica.
Volunteer helping a peruvian child dropping with her skateboard on a slide. Focus Peru
Volunteer helping a peruvian child dropping with her skateboard on a slide. Focus Morocco
Wave 2022 campaign


Wave 2022 campaign


The fundraising goal represents the full costs of providing all CJF’s youth programmes for a full 4-month season, for 315 children weekly, across our project locations in Peru, Jamaica and Morocco.

This includes materials, transport, maintenance, teacher salaries, as well as continuous monitoring, evaluation and reporting, across all our programmes:

  • Edu-Skate - skateboarding-based life-skills programme
  • Homework & English - tutoring programmes
  • Girls Skate Sessions - outreach skateboarding classes for women and girls
  • Enrichment Activities - diverse professional development workshops
  • Social Services - counseling by a certified social worker.

During our latest financial year (2021-2022), CJF's total funds were spent as follows:

  • Admin & fixed costs: 11%
  • Fundraising: 12%
  • Skatepark building: 38%
  • Youth programmes: 39%

Our finances are independently examined every year by an external accountant and publicly available online via the Charity Commission.

The latest report is available here.

CJF meticulously measures, evaluates and reports on all its activities and programmes across monthly, seasonal, and annual impact reports. These are all publicly available via the Reports section of the website.

For a quick overview, here’s our impact numbers between January-August, 2022:

Skateparks built: 1 (Morocco)

  • 740 sqm for an orphanage outside Marrakech
  • 3 local youth took part in the Planting Seeds Apprenticeship programme

Edu-Skate programme (all locations)

  • Unique children participating: 155
  • Sessions organised: 220

Get-on-Board programme (Jamaica only)

  • Registrations: 602
  • Boards loaned: 1,148

Homework programme (Jamaica only)

  • Unique children participating: 13
  • Sessions organised: 52

Girls Skate Sessions (Peru only)

  • Sessions organised: 31
  • Total attendance: 334
  • Added in Jamaica starting September 2022

Enrichment Activities (all locations)

  • Sessions organised: 43
  • Total attendance: 259
  • Fields covered included photography, video & editing, music production, graphic design, woodwork, and screen printing

Giving monthly is by far the most effective and sustainable way to support the charity. In addition, all CJFamily Members get a number of perks, including:

  • Priority consideration for volunteering placements and skatepark builds
  • Early-bird access to our documentaries and media productions
  • 25% off everything on our online charity shop
  • Invitation to special events such as the CJFamily Annual General Meeting

Our finances are independently examined every year by an external accountant and publicly available online via the Charity Commission.

The latest report is available here.

Please reach out today by emailing us at :)

Stories from the field

icon article

Dec 29, 2022 · 4 min read

CJF Blog Preview

The impact of the CJF Freedom Skatepark: over 2 years later

Luis Petersen talks about his thesis on the impact of the CJF Freedom Skatepark 2+ years after it was first built in Bull Bay, Jamaica. Here are his findings.

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Dec 21, 2022 · 5 min read

CJF Blog Preview

CJF apprentice Jhikson has been awarded the first-ever scholarship from The Skatepark School

We are very happy to announce that one of CJF’s previous apprentices, Jhikson Akamine Garcia from Peru, has been awarded a grant to attend a skatepark design course from pioneering school, The Skatepark School, an online training school created by industry professionals from Australia for anyone looking to get into the particular craft of skatepark design.

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Nov 8, 2022 · 5 min read

CJF Blog Preview

At-risk youth need #MoreThanSkateparks to thrive

Concrete Jungle Foundation starts with skateboarding but we do #MoreThanSkateparks. Once built, our ongoing activities and youth programmes have a far more significant impact on the communities we serve.

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Oct 24, 2022 · 3 min read

CJF Blog Preview

Skateboarding: a psychologist's perspective

Former CJF skate teacher and psychologist Leyla tells us how skateboarding has made a difference to her and the children at the skatepark in Peru.

Wave 2022 campaign
Music lesson at the Freedom Skatepark in Jamaica
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Jamaica, and especially its capital, is one of the most vibrant but also violent places on earth. In fact, while boasting some of the most amazing music, art and sport communities, the small island nation also has the highest homicide rate in all of Latin America & The Caribbean. And unfortunately, youth are severely overrepresented in these crimes.

“It changed my life … if it wasn’t for the skatepark, me woulda be underground right now”

Joshua Mattis, 17-year old skater from Bull Bay

Located just outside Kingston, the 1300 sqm Freedom Skatepark & Youth Centre was built by Concrete Jungle Foundation in 2020. Today, the facility provides daily youth programmes to over a hundred children every week. Safe space, social services, the Edu-Skate life-skills programme, homework tutoring, professional development workshops - and of course skateboarding - all to support Jamaican youth to steer themselves towards a better life.

See our monthly impact reports from the Freedom Skatepark & Youth Centre here.

"Sports may not be able to solve every single minute detail of crime and violence, but certainly, it is highly effective when combined with other holistic interventions and programmes"

Alando Terrelonge, Jamaica’s Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment, and Sport, during the opening speech ceremony of the Freedom Skatepark
Wave 2022 campaign
Girls portrait during an excursion at the Zoo with CJF Peru in Peru.
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Northern Peru is a magical place. Yet due to the lack of tourism and prevalence of gang activity, its development has lagged behind its southern counterpart. This is especially visible in the outskirts of its largest city Trujillo, where poverty and violent crime remain rife.

CJF built its first community skatepark in Trujillo more than half a decade ago. Yet the current home of our programmes in the region is the Cerrito Skatepark, built in 2021 to serve the at-risk youth living in the city’s western outskirts.

“You have to move forward, and if something happens to you, you just try again!”

Lucia, 12-year old Edu-Skate participant

Today, our local team provides daily youth programmes to approximately 105 youth every week. Besides open skate sessions, children and adolescents are provided free access to the Edu-Skate life-skills programme, tutoring sessions, and community activities - and the team has assumed a particular focus on female empowerment through outreach sessions.

See our monthly impact reports from Peru here.

Wave 2022 campaign
Apprentice from Morocco pouring concrete during the construction of the Fiers et Forts Skatepark
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In Morocco, we are active at the Centre Fiers et Forts, an orphanage that houses 35 children that due to neglect, violence or abuse have been separated from their families.

‘When someone is cheering at me, it motivates me and makes me feel happy’.

We built the Fiers et Forts Skatepark in early 2022 to serve as the site for our daily programmes for the children. Given their backgrounds, several exhibit social behavioural issues, anxiety and depression, and so our main focus lies on the Edu-Skate life-skills programme.

In addition, our staff run CJF’s enrichment programme, offering a wide range of creative workshops in fields such as video and photography, arts and design, recycling, horticulture, and much more.

See our monthly impact reports from Morocco here.

Wave 2022 campaign