Skateboarding for Development

Skateboarding for Development

Why skateboarding

  • Promotes a wide range of positive life-skills, including self confidence, goal-setting, perseverance and social competence
  • One of the most inclusive sports in the world; inherently non-competitive
  • Provides an outlet for creativity, self-expression and venting stress (psychological well-being)
  • Engages disengaged youth, while promoting a healthy lifestyle
  • It’s fun!

Why a skatepark

  • Free-of-charge, professionally-built athletic & social space for youth
  • Youth-centered community development (attracts youth engagement, ownership & agency)
  • Youth-centered personal development (promotes psychological well-being)
  • Gender-neutral zone, promoting equality and sound gender relations
  • Commercial value and impact (promotes entrepreneurship and new industry)
  • Newest Olympic sport
  • A place to play and learn for youth!

Brighter future: growing with skateboarding

Soft skills:

Soft skills are a combination of social skills, personally traits and attitudes that enable people to navigate their environment, work well with others, perform well, and achieve their goals with complementing hard skills. The Edu-Skate programme is CJF’s soft skills development programme focused on children aged 6-16. Edu-Skate utilizes skateboarding (and the life skills embedded in the activity and culture) to promote positive life skills for the beneficiaries.

Every week there is a focus on a different life-skill which the skate lessons revolves around. The programme’s life-skills find their foundation in 3 basic psychological needs of psychological well-being and personal development: competence, relatedness and autonomy.

Edu-Skate programme

Hard skills:

Hard skills are more technical/vocational skills that relate to a specific task or situation. These skills are easily quantifiable and entail some professional, technical, or academic qualification.

CJF works with youth aged 16+ on hard skills through the Planting Seeds Apprenticeship Programme. The Planting Seeds programme provides paid apprenticeship placements for local youth at Concrete Jungle Foundation’s project locations.

Planting Seeds Apprenticeship

Sustainable development goal

CJF is an ardent advocate of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and works on a broad range of goals in order to align our work with the SDGs. Key among these are:

Sustainable Development Goal 3
Sustainable Development Goal 4
Sustainable Development Goal 5
Sustainable Development Goal 8
Sustainable Development Goal 10
Sustainable Development Goal 17