Skateboarding in Morocco

Concrete Jungle Foundation is using skateboarding to empower children at the Fiers et Forts Skatepark in Morocco

Skateboarding in Morocco


Season 2 Report - September to November, 2022:

unique children impacted over 31 Edu-Skate classes

total attendance over 14 Enrichment activities

total Attendance over 47 Open Skate Sessions

total attendance over 54 Visitor Sessions

female participation across all programmes

skatepark visits


The Fiers et Forts Skatepark is located at the Centre Fiers et Forts children's home in Morocco and today offers daily youth programmes to 35 children living there.

It was built in early 2022 by a team of 25 volunteers from 10 different countries and 4 continents. Three local youth took part in CJF’s paid apprenticeship programme during the construction.

In respect to its cultural setting the skatepark design incorporates traditional Moroccan elements such as an arched doorway, ornamented rails, an olive leaf launch ramp and two large, buoyant palm trees.

The skatepark and youth programmes are managed by local and international staff.

The Skatepark

News from Morocco

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May 15, 2022 · 1 min read

CJF Blog Preview

The Fiers et Forts Skatepark in Motion

The 740 sqm skatepark was built on the grounds of Centre Fiers & Forts, a children's home in the village located some 17 km south of Marrakech.The resulting skatepark is nothing less than dazzling. As an ode to its cultural setting, the design incorporates traditional Moroccan elements such as the arched doorway and ornamented rails, and brandishes regional natural motifs including an olive leaf ramp and two large, buoyant palm trees.

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Feb 25, 2022 · 3 min read

CJF Blog Preview

Project Announcement: Tameslouht Skatepark, Marrakech, Morocco

It’s finally time to announce our next project - and it's beginning already next month! This time we’ll be heading to the outskirts of Marrakech, Morocco, to build a skatepark and start youth programmes for the children and youth of a local children's home.

Check out our Moroccan IG channel for daily news from the local team.

Current staff

Meet the homies behind the scene.
This team handles the day to day activities at the skatepark.

Jamaica Staff Kyrian Dorne


Kyrian Dorne

Jamaica Staff Kamal Chacar



Jamaica Staff Hanota



Project partners

Project partners