Skateboarding in Peru

Skateboarding in Peru


Season 11 Report - March to June, 2022:

unique children impacted over 73 Edu-Skate classes

total attendance over 16 Girls Skate sessions

female participation across all programmes

skatepark visits

locally run

The Story

CJF has been active in Peru since the charity built its first community skatepark there in early 2017. The Alto Trujillo Skatepark served a school in the hillside community of Trujillo, the country’s third most populous city. That original park was demolished as part of the school’s expansion into the yard, yet CJF remains more active in the region than ever.

The Cerrito Skatepark was built in 2021 to replace the demolished park and serve the children and youth living outside Huanchaco, the coastal enclave of the city. This is the headquarters of our local team CJF Peru.

2021 also saw the construction of a bowl further north for our local partners Waves Lobitos, a charity that supports disadvantaged youth through surfing and (now) skateboarding.

Today, our local team provides daily youth programmes at the Cerrito Skatepark and outreach sessions throughout Trujillo, and have assumed a particular focus on female empowerment through lifestyle sports and culture.

Alto Trujillo's Skatepark
Cerrito's Skatepark
Lobitos' Skatepark

News from Peru

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Oct 5, 2022 · 2 min read

CJF Blog Preview

Arissa is our 2022 Women’s Leadership Award winner, here’s why

We’ve launched two Women’s Leadership Awards in 2022 to further female empowerment through skateboarding in local communities, meet our Peru winner Arissa.

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Dec 13, 2021 · 3 min read

CJF Blog Preview

Planting Seeds in Cerrito de la Virgen

My name is Jhikson Norman Taru Akamine Garcia. I was born on January 7, 2000, in Trujillo, northern Peru. When I was fourteen, my older neighbour gave me his board and I started skating. That unquestionably changed the course of my life.

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Mar 26, 2021 · 4 min read

CJF Blog Preview

Skateboarding Cambia Vidas

In this interview Emilio Rodriguez gives us insight into his own journey with skateboarding and his projects with CJF Peru. Emilio is a passionate skater, originally from Huancayo, Peru, who has been working with CJF Peru for over a year. He has been helpful with a little bit of everything: relations with local governments and other NGOs, programme management and as an Edu-Skate teacher.

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Article - 7min read

Planting Seeds Apprenticeship

“Learning through shadowing professionnal builder was a once in a life time opportunity. I feel more confident with the construction industry now”

Read more
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Article - 7min read

Planting Seeds Apprenticeship

“Learning through shadowing professionnal builder was a once in a life time opportunity. I feel more confident with the construction industry now”

Read more

Check out our Peru IG channel for daily news from the local team.

Current local staff

Meet the homies behind the scene.
This local team handles the day to day activities at the Peru project. Much respect.

Peru Staff Andre Sanchez Villar

Programmes, Media & Finance Director

Luis Andre Sánchez Villar

Peru Staff Arissa Moreno

Administration Officer

Arissa Moreno Ruiz

-> Read her interview
Peru Staff Jhikson Akamine

Construction Director

Jhikson Akamine Garcia

-> Read his interview
Peru Staff Steven Bullen

Enrichment Activities Manager

Steven Bullen

Edu-Skate class in Peru
Edu-Skate class in Peru

Volunteering opportunity

Our ongoing activities in Peru rely on the dedication and support of both local skaters as well as international volunteers. Keen to get involved on the ground?

Minimum time commitment: 1 month

Skatepark Volunteer

Minimum time commitment: 1 month

Have you experienced the positive influence skateboarding can have on your personal development and the development of a community? Are you excited to support a rising skateboard community and spread the love and benefits of skateboarding with the youths that can benefit from it the most? Come volunteer at one of our projects and experience first-hand the powerful impact our skateparks have in developing countries. You can compose your own volunteering experience based on your passions and the fields our projects need support in. Take a look at our volunteering packs for more information and fill out an application form if you're ready to take the next step!

Learn more about this role through the Peru Volunteer Pack.

Apply now

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