Planting Seeds Apprenticeship

Tackling youth unemployment & shortage of skilled workers in the construction industry through
immersive, hands-on-deck, paid apprenticeship.

Planting Seeds Apprenticeship

Since 2020,

15 apprentices

followed the 4-week course

5 opportunities

in the ‘Continuity of Learning’ framework were provided to previous apprentices

1 skatepark

built independently

5 DIY spots
& maintenance

undertaken independently

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What is PSA?

The Planting Seeds Apprenticeship (PSA) programme is a professional development programme that provides the theoretical and practical skills needed to build skateparks for national contexts lacking such expertise.

This programme is designed as a 4-week course comprising of classes, workshops, and a paid apprenticeship where apprentices work alongside CJF teachers and industry professionals to construct a skatepark in a targeted community.

Over the course of the programme, participants follow a comprehensive curriculum covering the entire construction process including designing, budgeting, logistics, carpentry, welding, and concrete shaping. Additionally, a complete manual book is provided to cover all practical aspects of the construction process. Upon completion, beneficiaries are awarded a set of tools to enable them to initiate similar projects locally.

The Planting Seeds Apprenticeship programme is specifically designed to empower and equip adolescents aged 18 and above with valuable skills and knowledge.

Access to safe and inclusive public spaces for young people is a critical issue in many communities around the world. The absence of safe spaces to play and skate not only limits opportunities for young people to engage in physical activity but also contributes to a range of social issues, including youth unemployment, social exclusion, and substance abuse. Addressing this issue is crucial to creating more equitable and sustainable communities that prioritize the health and well-being of young people.

The construction sector is facing a significant challenge in the form of a shortage of skilled workers, particularly in the Global South. This shortage is driven by several factors, including the lack of access to training and education, limited investment in the sector, and a low level of interest among young people in pursuing careers in construction.

Source: World Economic Forum
Source: Un-Habitat

  • Offering young individuals the chance to acquire valuable hard skills as a means of generating essential job prospects that tackle the problem of youth unemployment in the area.
  • Improving skills and knowledge in the skatepark construction landscape to ensure that high-quality skateparks are being built worldwide.
  • Increasing productivity in the construction industry, resulting in more efficient and effective project completion.
Apprentice from Morocco building a skatepark.

"I liked the fact that [we] had to build our own obstacles from the beginning to the end, so we really went through and learned all the steps."

Aya, apprentice from Morocco (2022)


1. Theory

  • Site organisation, materials & tools
  • Skatepark blueprints : dimensions, heights, radius, degrees and obstacles shapes
  • Levels and drainage
  • The process and the steps behind building a concrete skatepark
  • The thinking process behind setting up an obstacle
  • Radiuses, tangents, & geometry
  • Formwork : wooden frames, panels cuts, guides and obstacles bracing (what kind of formwork will I need to set)
  • Concrete : calculating cubic meters
  • Concrete : Steps, tools, timing and reaction
  • Cracks prevention

2. Practical workshops

  • Topographic lay out (site & obstacles mapping)
  • Building & pouring foundations
  • Building a wall (bricklaying)
  • How power tools work
  • How to frame a bank
  • Building a radius table and cutting radiuses
  • Cutting metal tubes and set a coping
  • Setting formwork for a straight quarter pipe
  • Setting bottom guides on level
  • Cutting corner profiles and building a steel frame for ledges
  • Welding & grinding
  • Cutting panels and building a ledge box
  • Steel reinforcement : rebars frames and ligatures
  • Pouring concrete : placing, screeding, shaping, finishing
  • Stripping forms
  • Cutting joints

3. Continuity of Learning

Enhancing the skills and learning curve of apprentices by offering opportunities and facilitating the development of skatepark construction expertise.

  • Mobility: volunteering placements, job site placements, network contacts
  • Grants: skatepark design shool courses, sponsorship for new opportunities
  • Consultancy: support in community-led projects

Logic Model

Logic Model of the Planting Seeds Apprenticeship programme by Concrete Jungle Foundation

Skatepark Construction Manual

A preliminary version of the skatepark construction manual, comprising 30 pages, has been printed in three languages (English, French, and Spanish ) to cover the entire process of skatepark construction, starting from groundwork to concrete pouring. This manual has been successfully implemented in Peru and Morocco.

A comprehensive resource exceeding 250 pages is set to be released in 2024, providing in-depth guidance on skatepark construction. This extensive manual will be available worldwide in English, catering to a global audience.

Process of building a concrete skate ramp by Concrete Jungle Foundation

"It exceeded my expectations because I learned new things from the guys on the international team."

Jhikson, apprentice from Peru (2021)


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