About us

About us


Concrete Jungle Foundation (CJF) is an international non-profit organisation that builds skateparks and runs youth development programming in communities around the world.

We empower individuals and communities worldwide through fostering and sustaining the positive values inherent to skateboarding.

Legal Status

United Kingdom

  • Statutory name: Concrete Jungle Foundation
  • CIO registered #1177490
  • Account Name: Concrete Jungle Foundation
  • Account Number: 20985541
  • Sort Code: 16-58-10

The Netherlands

  • Statutory name: Stichting Concrete Jungle Foundation
  • Chamber of Commerce registration number: 78723965
  • RSIN/Tax number: 861508889
  • Account Name: Stichting Concrete Jungle Foundation
  • IBAN: NL36 TRIO 0320 1023 00

How we work

1 /. We respond to local demands for skateboarding facilities, in environments otherwise lacking in sports infrastructure and communal/youth spaces.

2 /. We partner with the most recognised skatepark builders in the world to provide professionally built, world-class concrete skateparks, free of charge to communities.

3 /. We leverage pedagogical expertise and years of experience to provide targeted youth programmes focused on life-skills for children and professional development for adolescents - through skateboarding. Learn more.

4 /. We build up local capacity and transfer the long-term running of the park and project to local partner organisations, to ensure sustainability as well as local ownership of the project

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Who we are


Liz Wilson | UK Board member

Sita Narayan-Dinanauth | UK Board member

Harry Gerrard | UK & NL Board member

Bob Zevenbergen | NL Board member


Clément Taquet | Executive Director

Tim van Asdonck | Programmes Director

Troy Björkman | Development Director

Tom Critchley | Grants & Research Manager

Lisa Jacob | Construction Manager

Luis Petersen | MEL Officer

Skatepark construction

Concrete Jungle Foundation is a specialist in building skateparks in developing countries, and we are always keen to discuss third party contractor opportunities. All profits raised from such engagements go back into the organisation, allowing us to maintain our project locations, run our youth development programming, as well as train volunteers and local staff.

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Freedom Skatepark construction, Jamaica
Freedom Skatepark construction, Jamaica


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