Alto-Trujillo Skatepark, Peru

Alto-Trujillo Skatepark, Peru

The Alto Trujillo Skatepark in motion.

Pictures by Harry Gerrard & Clément Taquet

The Alto Trujillo Skatepark was located on the grounds of the Simon Lozano Garcia school in the hillside community of Alto Trujillo, Peru. The 150 sqm skatepark was designed for the young students of the school, hosting a small launch ramp, a few quarter pipes, a pyramid, as well as a low manual pad/ledge.

The Alto Trujillo Skatepark was built by Concrete Jungle Foundation in 2017 with the help of some 40 international and local volunteers. Our Edu-Skate programme was run at the skatepark as part of the school’s curriculum, impacting over 300 students. We also employed local adolescents as well as invited international volunteers to help manage the youth programmes at the park.

The original Alto Trujillo park has since been demolished to accommodate the school’s expansion, but our presence in Perú is now stronger than ever. In 2021, the community skatepark now known as ‘La Rampa’ was built in Cerrito, a short journey from the quiet surf town of Huanchaco. It is here, in the coastal enclave of the city of Trujillo, that the local CJF Perú team is now based.