Fiers et Forts Skatepark, Morocco

Fiers et Forts Skatepark, Morocco

The Fiers et Forts Skatepark in motion.

Pictures by Jago Stock & Clément Taquet

The 740 sqm skatepark was built on the grounds of Centre Fiers & Forts, a children's home in the village located some 17 km south of Marrakech.The resulting skatepark is nothing less than dazzling. As an ode to its cultural setting, the design incorporates traditional Moroccan elements such as the arched doorway and ornamented rails, and brandishes regional natural motifs including an olive leaf ramp and two large, buoyant palm trees. And with a triad of natural, black and red ochre surfaces, the concrete playground seamlessly blends with the color palette of its surroundings. This Oasis of Joy is nothing less than pristine.

Concrete Jungle Foundation’s flagship youth programme Edu-Skate began for the 38 children living at the children's home on May 9, 2022. The programme’s innovative curriculum teaches skateboarding through the life-skills its practice induces - such as perseverance, creativity, awareness and courage - and so aims to empower and support children in their development into healthy adolescence and young adulthood.

The Fiers et Forts Skatepark was built by Concrete Jungle Foundation in 2022 with the help of some 24 international and local volunteers.