Edu-Skate Worldwide Network

The Edu-Skate Worldwide Network (ESWN) is a multilateral initiative
working on the continuous development of the pedagogically structured
Edu-Skate programme with social skateboarding projects worldwide.

The Edu-Skate Worldwide Network (ESWN) is a multilateral initiative working on the continuous development of the pedagogically structured Edu-Skate programme with social skateboarding projects worldwide.

What is it?

Edu-Skate Worldwide Network aims to connect social skate projects and exchange knowledge and ideas on the implementation of life-skills focused skateboarding classes, in order to support each other in delivering high quality skateboarding sessions for our beneficiaries.

Through sharing the process of implementing the programme and pooling impact data with partner organisations, the Network facilitates inspiration and implementation of the Edu-Skate programme and reporting structure, as well as stronger funding applications for all participating organisations.

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Two girls helping each other on a skateboard at the Cerrito's Skatepark in Peru.

Structure and aims.

In 2022 the Edu-Skate programme took its next step by creating an international network around its life-skill focused approach to teaching skateboarding: the Edu-Skate Worldwide Network.

Partners of this project are selected on a yearly basis, and it has the following aims:

  • Connecting and enriching the work of social skateboarding projects around the world
  • Developing a structure for sharing knowledge and best practices on implementing life-skill focused skate classes and providing quality skate classes in general
  • Further developing the quality of the Edu-Skate programme & developing an easy to use format for (social) skateboarding organizations
  • Facilitating data output and impact reports for all project participants to support their individual funding applications
  • Leveraging the collective efforts and impact of the Edu-Skate Worldwide Network project participants to secure shared grant funding
Drawing of a proud skateboarding girl


  • 2020
    The Edu-Skate Toolkit.


    The Edu-Skate Toolkit is a collection of tools and resources to facilitate the implementation of the Edu-Skate Programme. It includes:

    • The theoretical background of the programme
    • How to prepare for implementation of the programme (including teacher trainings)
    • The full Edu-Skate curriculum
    • A reporting guide
  • 2021
    Research and first Partners.


    During the summer of 2021, researchers from Glodsmith’s University conducted a study on the impact of the Edu-Skate programme on beneficiaries at the Freedom Skatepark in Jamaica.

    Initial findings of the research include:

    • Edu-Skate programme participation is associated with an improvement in children’s levels of Autonomy, Relatedness and Competence
    • Children’s score on these metrics improved the more lessons the participants followed
    • For Autonomy, there was a direct relation between the programme and these scores
    • For Autonomy and Competence we know that the biggest positive influence in these scores are living in the neighborhood of the skatepark and being able to have more exposure to the skatepark than just the lessons (vs living in a different neighborhood and only following lessons)

    If you are interested in researching the Edu-Skate Programme, please get in touch.

    In 2021 the trial phase started to implement the Edu-Skate Programme in contexts outside of CJF’s project locations. Skateboard Club Vienna and Free Movement Skateboarding took part.

  • 2022
    Presenting the 2022 Partners.


Skate Nottingham are a community development organisation established for and by skateboarders to raise the profile of skateboarding as a healthy and creative activity, generating opportunities for local young people and adults to help transform Nottingham’s social and cultural development.

Logo All Board Family

In existence since 1998, All Boards Family started working in remote countryside places in France to bring skating and its culture closer to people. Since 2002 they started giving special attention to unfavoured children in urban areas. The association works together with schools located in unfavoured neighbourhand to run skate sessions and support the youth here in building their self-confidence. They focus on all wellness skateboarding can transmit.

Logo Free Movement Skateboarding

Free Movement Skateboarding is an organization that supports and promotes the wellbeing, empowerment and social cohesion of youth in Athens with skateboarding. The organization addresses gaps in accessible and inclusive recreational youth activities in Athens, using their mobile skatepark to provide regular skateboarding sessions.

Skateboard Club Vienna is a non-profit association for the promotion of skateboarding with a focus on youth, culture and diversity. On many different levels, the association sees itself as an input provider, mediator and initiator for the skateboarding scene and culture in Vienna.
The aim is to make skateboarding accessible to everybody and to have positive influence on the participatory development of public space, the leisure activities of the city of Vienna and open and social interaction through sports.

Woman Skate the World. As young women skateboarders, we decided to combine our forces and make it our mission to inspire, engage and empower women worldwide. Skateboarding taught us about resilience, claiming our place, falling and getting back up; lessons we saw as a tool for confidence, leadership and empowerment.

Logo CJF Peru

CJF Peru is the Peruvian entity of Concrete Jungle Foundation. They've been active since 2017 and work at the Cerrito's Skatepark and beyond.

CJF Jamaica is the Jamaican entity of Concrete Jungle Foundation. They've been active since 2020 and work at the Freedom Skatepark.

CJF Morocco is the Moroccan entity of Concrete Jungle Foundation. They've been active since 2022 and work at the Fiers et Forts Skatepark.

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2022 marks the first edition of the Edu-Skate Worldwide Network yearly project. If you are interested in supporting the development of the programme, or partaking in following editions of the project with your social organisation, please fill up the form below and we'll get back to you shortly.

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